My Experience

How I Got Started

After graduating with an English Writing & Communications Bachelor’s Degree back in 2013, I dove headfirst into the wildfire world of online content writing.

As a ghostwriter for a German dating magazine, I got my first taste of going viral on the internet. A silly article I wrote for Life Advancer received over 24k shares across various social media platforms. The article was entitled, “7 Things Happy Couples Do Every Day” and it solidified my credibility and confidence as a new writer.

I went on to produce countless articles for Wingman, learning loads about inbound marketing, backlinks, and brand awareness in the process. I’m still hired as a guest writer for the publication, on occasion, and I feel grateful for our eight-year working relationship.

How I Got Here

In 2015, I was hired as a Marketing Manager at my favorite music venue on the South Coast of Massachusetts. I wrote their site copy, social media, and concert reviews, and taught myself how to build an online marketing strategy from the ground up. I watched revenue grow by 100% during the three years of my employment.

In 2018, I left this job and my hometown to travel the world. It was my first time ever living outside of Massachusetts. Slowly but surely, I began dipping my toes into more than just the South Pacific Ocean. I taught myself new skills and started building my portfolio through Upwork and word-of-mouth referrals.

Before I knew it, I was a freelance writer and a self-taught web designer. I’ve been working for myself ever since.

How I Can Help You

I offer over eight years of experience in various forms of content creation and editing. I have worked as a content creator, site copy writer, ghostwriter, and journalist, writing at the intersection of health, travel, and relationships. My most recent body of work published on Medium has reached and resonated with thousands of unique readers on and off the platform.

As an editor, my clients can expect more than basic corrections in spelling and grammar. My knowledge of marketing and SEO gives me a leg up on other editors because I understand the importance of word choice and sentence structure, not only in delivering effective copy but also in establishing a voice to engage the target audience and satisfy web crawlers.

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Writing Rates

Standard: 12¢ per word

Advanced: 15¢ per word

• Website and social media copy
• Advice blog posts
• Basic How-to Guides
• Personal storytelling
• Listicles

• Research
• SEO keyword integration
• Internal links

Editing Rates

Standard: 5¢ per word

Advanced: 8¢ per word

• Spelling and grammar
• Organization, flow, & readability
• Cohesive tone of voice

• Fact-checking
• Rewrites of existing content
• Internal links to existing content
• External links to authority sites
• SEO checks


Writing Routine

Client satisfaction is my top priority. I aim to deliver professional, timely results and I only sign on with individuals and companies that can promise the same. My straightforward process helps establish clear expectations from the get-go. Life is full of enough surprises. When you hire me as your writer, this is exactly what you can expect.

Phase 1: We have a one-on-one, onboarding call to nail down our scope of work, word count, and project deadline.

Phase 2: I build an outline based on the agreed scope of work and send an invoice for a 50% deposit. Upon payment, I share my outline with you via Google Drive. This is your opportunity to make any and all notes, or comments, to ensure that we’re on the same page. Pun intended!

Phase 3: Upon outline finalization, I begin the first draft. I share this draft with you in Google Drive within 3 business. You provide your round of edits. I invoice you the final 50%. Upon payment, I complete edits within 1 business day.

Phase 4: I deliver the final project. You want to work with me again. I want to work with you again! Wasn’t that nice?

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How many rounds of edits can I request?

Each project or article includes one round of edits. If you need additional edits that were not discussed in the original scope of work, an extra fee will be added to your final balance based on complexity. We will discuss this fee before I complete the additional revisions.

Can I pay via credit card?

Yes. In fact, I’d prefer it! Your invoice will include a link that allows you to easily pay online with a credit card.

How soon can you start?

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