Graphic Design

My web design and marketing services come with graphic design expertise. Below you’ll find some samples of my work including company logo designs, social media campaigns, invitations, and print advertisements. I love when my clients let me put my own creative spin on my work.

Apart from building the Wofie website, I organized and designed a social media campaign for the clothing line launch with brand guidelines that LeeAnne could use on all of her business platforms. We chose fonts, core colors, and taglines that matched the line’s young and playful style.

I added the wolf head graphic to the company logo in place of the letter “O” and the model photos on the homepage banner. The graphic design for this project required major background removal, color correction, text and image overlay, and creativity.

I redesigned Jenna’s logo during the rebuild of her Squarespace website, and helped her promote her Virtual Valentine’s Day Yoga Festival with a funky 70’s style campaign. The below images were featured on her Instagram page and in her Instagram stories leading up to the weekend event. We also sent three email marketing campaigns on MailChimp using similar imagery to aid in our marketing efforts.

Working as a marketing assistant for Vermont Woodshop, I created online and print ads for their various woodworking products. This half-page ad was published in the 2021 edition of the Vermont Business Magazine.

Shower Invitation

When Taylor realized that her Zazzle invitations wouldn’t arrive on time, she asked if I could recreate the baby shower invitation and have it ready for print in three days. I completed it in one.

I chose what I thought to be a more pleasing font for Taylor’s name and made the background color a tad darker to improve its readability.

Little Cranky Theater is a startup theater company based on a children’s book called, “Hob Nobbin.” I created this logo using this moon, the story’s main character, and added on-brand fonts and star imagery for the title. When the theater started discussing its own merchandise, I got inspired by other characters in the book including the adorable whale and goofy pair of goats.

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