Liv Mello

Web Design & Branding

I specialize in Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress web design, helping businesses spread their message, engage with their customers, and establish brand guidelines that make them recognizable across all platforms. I’ve worked with a wide range of company industries and sizes, from Boston’s MIT Biology Department, and a multi-million dollar Australian machinery, to a startup LA clothing line, and Nantucket’s leading landscapers.

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Let me tell your story

Everyone has a story, but if business is booming, you’ll be too busy to tell it yourself. That’s where I come in. Behind this long hair, I’m all ears. I’m a storyteller, yes, but I’m a listener first.

I help startups get their feet off the ground with free marketing advice, fresh-eyed web design, fully-optimized copy, and friendly support. Enterprises rely on me to give their brand the extra boost they don’t have time for.

Hire me for web design, proofreading, graphic design, or video editing. You can do your job while I do mine.

Writing & Editing

I write and edit website content, articles, blogs, and marketing copy to clarify a message, engage audiences in a unique way, and improve search engine optimization. My Medium portfolio explores the topics of psychology, relationships, travel, and freelancing, but my experience is diverse and I enjoy writing about a myriad of topics.

6 Personal Boundaries Every Freelancer Must Set to Avoid Getting Screwed

Last year, I built a website I was never paid for. The $1,800 worth of my professional time was nothing compared to the amount of hours I spent researching small claims court, speaking to lawyers, and stressing over my naivety. Now, I set these 5 non-negotiable boundaries with new clients to help avoid another headache.

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8 Cringy Habits of Happy Couples

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10 Phrases You Need to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary to Instantly Sound Smarter

Don’t let your words prevent you from saying what you mean or being taken seriously. If you want to boost your emotional intelligence, you can start by eliminating these 10 overused phrases from your vocabulary. Trust me. You’ll literally sound, like, so much smarter.

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My pool of tools

Graphic Design

You can’t be a web designer without graphic design knowledge. The two go hand in hand. Explore samples of my work including logo designs, social media campaigns, invitations, brand merchandise, and print advertisements.